Non Touristy Things To Do In Cozumel

If you intend to visit Cozumel, you’re in for a treat. This gorgeous island in Mexico is renowned for its breath-taking beaches, thriving marine life, and rich cultural heritage. 

The less congested, off-the-beaten-path experiences Cozumel offers have a different allure than the most popular tourist destinations. 

This article will provide a list of non-touristy things to do in Cozumel that will help you make the most of your trip.   

Non Touristy Things To Do In Cozumel

1. Discover The Hidden Gems

Cozumel is a tiny island. However, the quantity of experiences and exploits is enormous. And there are still many hidden gems to be discovered here.

This is more than simply an art gallery; it’s a working art studio. Greg Dietrich, the proprietor of Gallery Azul, works with engraved blown glass to make one-of-a-kind lamps and night lights, candle art, and carved blown glass vessels. 

The unique marine life in the reefs that surround Cozumel inspires him greatly. 


Maracaibo is a beautiful Cozumel diving location on the island’s southern tip. It’s less well-known and popular than other scuba sites, but it’s no less gorgeous. 

Deep dives up to 100 feet are available for experienced scuba divers in Maracaibo. The clarity is excellent, allowing you to view the schools of fish racing around the beautiful coral structures.

Farm Of Cozumel Pearls

Cozumel Pearl Farm is the world’s only pearl farm on the island’s north shore. They are dedicated to the cultivation of stunning pearls from a Cozumel-specific oyster species.

Isla Pasion

Isla Pasion, a tiny island paradise just off the north end of Cozumel, is a charming Caribbean hideaway. Isla Pasion has a picture-perfect natural environment, including white sand beaches, blue oceans, swaying palm palms, and lush flora. 

Isla Pasion is a fantastic Cozumel day excursion away from all your worries and cares.

2. Discover Local Culture

Participate In A Traditional Mayan Ceremony 

Attend a traditional Mayan ceremony to immerse yourself in the island’s rich Mayan heritage. Discover their history, traditions, and customs.

Investigate The Cozumel Museum

The Cozumel Museum is a historical and cultural treasure trove. It’s a terrific site to learn about the island’s history and discover its identity.

Participate In Local Conservation Efforts

Several conservation programs in Cozumel seek volunteers. Participate in the preservation of the island’s natural beauty and marine life.

3. Punta Sur Eco Beach Park Exploration

Punta Sur Eco Park is an enthralling natural reserve on the southern extremity of the Mexican island of Cozumel. This ecological park is a nature lover’s paradise, with gorgeous scenery, rich fauna, and cultural attractions.

The park has Cozumel’s largest mangrove forest, an important and protected habitat. Immerse yourself in the lush foliage of the mangroves on a guided boat trip or kayak expedition, learning about the importance of mangroves in protecting the island’s ecological balance.

Enjoy Cozumel’s cultural legacy by visiting the park’s displays and instructive pathways. Discover the history, traditions, and ties to the natural surroundings of the ancient Mayan civilization that once occupied the island. Take leisurely hikes through the park’s pathways, viewing the flora and animals and absorbing Cozumel’s unique cultural tapestry.

4. Local Flavours At The Municipal Mercado

Mexican Cuisine Is Both Fresh and Authentic

A symphony of fragrances and flavors will greet you as you enter Mercado Municipal. The food stalls here serve some of the island’s most fresh and authentic Mexican Cuisine. From succulent tamales to scorching fajitas, you can sample regional delicacies made with care and competence.

Market’s Hidden Gems

While the Cuisine is the main attraction at Mercado Municipal, the market provides much more. Stalls also sells handcrafted items, traditional attire, and local produce. It’s a great spot to get authentic gifts and immerse yourself in Cozumel’s artistic side.

5. Relax in Secluded Areas

Explore the San Gervacio Ruins. 

Tourists rarely visit the San Gervasio Ruins and provide insight into the island’s past. Without the crowd, explore the Mayan ruins.

Ride a Bike Around the Island

Rent a bike and take your time exploring Cozumel. Backroads and seaside routes on the island are great for a relaxed ride away from the tourist traps.

Non Touristy things to do in Cozumel provide a portal to the island’s spirit. You’ll have memorable experiences and discover a side of Cozumel that most tourists miss by exploring its hidden beauties, engaging with the local culture, and straying off the beaten path. Take advantage of the opportunity to engage with this enthralling island on a deeper level.

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