What’s The Best Way To Store Cupcakes?

If you’re a fan of cupcakes, you know that these delectable treats deserve to be enjoyed at their most flavorful and fresh. Whether you’ve baked or purchased them from a bakery, cupcakes must be stored properly to maintain their flavor and texture. This article will explain the best methods for storing cupcakes to remain moist, flavorful, and ready to be devoured.

What Is The Best Way To Store Cupcakes?

If you intend to consume your cupcakes within the next one to two days, it is best to store them at room temperature in an airtight container. Discover a deep container. In a single layer, arrange your cupcakes. Cover with the lid and let it sit on your countertop away from the sun for 1-2 days.

How To Properly Store Cupcakes?

Generally, homemade cupcakes should be stored in an airtight container away from direct sunlight for one day on the counter OR for four to six days in the refrigerator.

Keeping your cupcakes in an airtight container prevents them from drying out and protects them from contamination.

When To Store Cupcakes?

Cupcakes are a tasty and entertaining dessert, but sometimes, it makes sense to prepare them beforehand.

For example, if you have a party or bake sale planned, it can be much faster to make and store the cupcakes ahead of time.

If you want to sell a lot of cupcakes or have a bake sale, you should make them ahead of time. Making a new batch from scratch whenever you want to sell them is not a good use of money.

Store a large batch in the freezer one week before the sale. Defrost as needed.

Or you simply have small amounts of leftovers, whether from the grocery store or a romantic dinner. Let’s learn to store it instead of discarding it.

When properly prepared, there is no shame in storing or freezing cupcakes (I will also share instructions on how to do so!). Plus, it makes a great dessert for last-minute guests or when you simply want to indulge!

How To Store Unfrosted Cupcakes?

 If you’re in a time crunch, baking cupcakes one day and frosting them the next can be a huge time saver. Use these four easy steps to ensure your cupcakes remain fresh and moist!

1. Let Cupcakes Cool Completely.

When you seal warm cupcakes in an airtight container, they will release steam. This can create sticky cupcake tops, making it more difficult for the frosting to adhere, and cause cupcakes to separate from their liners (which is not enjoyable).

Best results are achieved by placing freshly baked cupcakes on a wire cooling stand and allowing them to cool, uncovered, for at least one hour. Before placing cupcakes in storage, they must be fully cool.

2. Store Cooled Cupcakes In a Container With a Tight-Fitting Lid.

When cupcakes have completely chilled, place them in a storage container with a tight-fitting lid (an airtight container is ideal!).

I avoid covering cupcakes with plastic wrap or placing them in a plastic bag for storage. Giving the cupcakes more breathing space helps prevent sticky cupcake tops and keeps them fresher.

3. Keep Cupcakes At Room Temperature On The Counter.

I prefer to store cupcakes at ambient temperature on the counter instead of in the refrigerator. Cupcakes stored in the refrigerator dry out much more quickly than when kept on the counter, in my experience.

If you must store cupcakes in the refrigerator – for instance, if you’re experiencing sweltering and humid weather and the frosting is melting off the cupcakes – simply bring them to room temperature before serving. Undesirable characteristics of cold cupcakes include a desiccated and dense flavor.

4. Frost Cupcakes Within Two Days.

Forty-eight hours after baking, cupcakes are at their peak quality. Frost cupcakes no more than two days after baking for optimal results.

How To Store Frosted Cupcakes?

Here is how to store frosted cupcakes:


If you intend to ingest your cupcakes within the next one to two days, it is best to store them at room temperature in an airtight container.

Discover a deep container. In a uniform layer, arrange your cupcakes. Cover with the lid and let it sit on your countertop away from the sun for 1-2 days.

This would apply to cupcakes frosted with buttercream or a chocolate liqueur. This is likely the best way to store cupcakes, as they will not dry out and will always be ready to consume.

This will not work with cupcakes frosted with whipped cream, as the frosting will dissolve at room temperature and, as a perishable item, will become inedible. It is preferable to always keep them in the refrigerator.

In The Fridge:

Cupcakes should be refrigerated for a maximum of four to five days. The procedure is as follows.

The procedures remain the same: place the cupcakes in a single layer in an airtight container and refrigerate for four to five days.

It would be the same regardless of whether you used ganache, buttercream, whipped cream, or royal icing as a garnish.

In The Freezer:

If you wish to keep the cupcakes for an extended period, freezing is your best option.

Partially Freeze: The cupcakes by putting them in a single layer on a cookie sheet and putting them in the fridge for two to three hours or in the freezer for about an hour.

Individually wrap: After the frosting on top has been chilled. Use saran film to individually wrap each cupcake.

Place in a Ziplock or Freezer Bag: Remember to properly label them, then freeze them for three months.

This procedure would work wonderfully for cupcakes with buttercream frosting as well as those with ganache frosting, cream cheese frosting, or my butter-free frosting recipe.

Please note that cupcake liners are not required in the three methods. I have always frozen the cupcakes with the liners still attached, and once defrosted, they are identical to fresh cupcakes.

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